Domonap specializes in developing solutions in the field of information technology, process automation, and creating high-tech products.

Our main priority is to develop solutions in the field of the Internet of things (IoT), for smart cities and smart homes.

We have all the necessary competencies and resources to create high-load systems, blockchain solutions, mobile and web development.

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Our company has its own It, Web and mobile products in the field of smart city, housing and utilities, e-Commerce. The key project actively promoted by our company is a product with the same name DOMONAP, which allows you to turn any simple intercom into a smart device controlled from a mobile phone.The project is in the final stage and the product will soon be available for installation in residential buildings. The pilot region for launching the project is the city of Moscow, and further implementation is planned in other regions of Russia, including participation in state programs designed to develop the innovative infrastructure of the Russian Federation.All products created by our company are developed on the territory of the Russian Federation, taking into account the requirements for import substitution in the field of information technology.

The project


DOMONAP is a digital platform for managing access to the entrance and communication of residents, management companies, utilities and city services.

No longer need to remember and enter access codes, run to the intercom tube to open the door to guests. With DOMONAP, you can manage access to your entrance from a convenient and simple app. You will no longer miss important information, even when you are away and will be able to communicate with other residents from the built-in chat.

Our technology makes life not just convenient, it makes it safer and more transparent, providing advanced control over the common space and modern communications for interaction between participants.


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of activity

Development of It solutions for smart city, home and production
Systems for online sales of the company's services and products via websites and mobile apps
We design and implement fault-tolerant projects for working with high loads
The automation of business processes
Mobile development (IOS and Android)
Development of web services and web applications
Maintenance, support and development of your server fleet
Round-the-clock project monitoring and support, scaling, etc.
Development of the MVP version of the product for startups
Development of personal accounts
Development and integration of CRM systems
Software development outsourcing
Database and knowledge base development
Development of technical specifications



Создание конкурентоспособной команды специалистов, в области информационных технологий, способных разрабатывать Отечественные программные продукты и решения, не уступающие по своим характеристикам импортным аналогам и создание уникальных продуктов, не имеющих аналогов в мире.

Мы постоянно находимся в поиске и изучении новейших технологий, инновационных идей и эффективных методов управления. Своей задачей мы видим оптимизацию бизнес процессов и процессов разработки, позволяющих создавать продукты, обладающие высокими качественными характеристиками и минимальным уровнем затрат на их внедрение и применение в реальном мире.

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