What is


A modern cloud system that combines all apartment buildings, allowing you to give any entrance, house, block or entire city smart features without replacing existing equipment.

Современная облачная система
Коммуникация между жильцами дома
Communication between residents of the house
Контроль доступа в подъезд
Access control to the entrance
Взаимодействие с управляющими компаниями
Interaction with management companies
Рекламная площадка
Advertising platform
CRM для управляющих компаний
CRM for management companies
Получение онлайн услуг
Getting online services
Новостная система
News system
Средство информирования жителей
Means of informing residents



DOMONAP is not just a service for managing access. An innovative tool for solving all the urgent needs of an urban resident, at the place of residence or at the addresses visited.

Управление доступом в подъезд
Managing access to the entrance
Облачный видео-домофон
Cloud-based video intercom
Электронные ключи для гостей
Electronic keys for guests
Электронная информационная доска
Electronic information Board
Оперативные, адресные уведомления
Prompt, targeted notifications
Новостная лента района, дома
News feed of the district, at home
Чаты жильцов по  подъезду и дому
Residents ' chats at the entrance and at home
Заявки в управляющую компанию и ЖКХ службы
Applications to the management company and housing services
Интеграции с умным городом и городскими сервисами
Integration with smart city and city services



Ultra-fast and efficient communications. We connect residents, city services, and all participants in the real estate, housing, and service market in one system.

Пользователи мобильных устройств (жители и их гости)
Mobile device users (residents and their guests)
Компании обслуживающие домофоны и коммуникации
Companies that service intercoms and communications
Специальные и социальные службы
Special and social services
Домоуправляющие компании
Home management companies
Курьерские службы, риэлторы, сервисные компании.
Courier services, realtors, service companies.
Управляющие коммерческими и социальными объектами
Managers of commercial and social facilities
Городская, районная администрация
City and district administration
Службы ЖКХ
Housing and utilities services

What do the inhabitants

of Moscow

Наша разработка основывается на проверенных статистических данных и потребностях реальных жителей, ожидающих внедрения умных технологий в сфере ЖКХ и городской инфраструктуры.

More than 87% have analog intercoms in their home
51% are waiting for the development of digital technologies in housing and utilities
More than 80% want to receive important notifications
More than 70% are willing to pay for the installation of DOMONAP
78% are not satisfied with existing intercoms
More than 86% want to control the intercom from a smartphone
Более 67% хотят общаться онлайн с соседями
Более 93% готовы установить DOMONAP
52% ожидают развитие технологий умного дома к 2030 году
More than 30% are willing to pay for a DOMONAP subscription

Market and


Our product solves the problems of a wide range of market participants and users, in various social and commercial spheres. These areas are one of the most dynamically developing and promising markets in the field of infrastructure technologies.

Global calling video panels market:& nbsp;$78 million
AC acaas: & nbsp; $950 млн к 2022г
In 2020, 20%of large organizations will implement ACaaS
By & nbsp;2025 & nbsp; video door phones will prevail
Annual growth rate: 28%
Housing and utilities and smart city development
More 1 362 822 apartment houses
Up to & nbsp;2 billion rublesfor intercom service in Moscow
66.9 million apartments in Russia for 2018.
327.2 billion rublesduring the periodfrom 2020-2022 for the state program "Development of the digital environment and innovation".
The volume of the Russian market is more than 60 billion rubles
Global It spending will exceed $1 trillion in 2022
In 2020, 20%of large organizations will implement ACaaS
Market size in & nbsp;$646 billion by 2021
The annual growth of the it market will be about & nbsp;18%


of the project

Схема монетизации DOMONAP преследует цель стать коммерчески оправданной и выгодной, при этом, решая глобальную проблему высокой стоимости аналогичных решений для конечного потребителя.

Own advertising system Own advertising system
Third-party advertising (Google) Third-party advertising (Google)
Integration of commercial real estate and systems Integration of commercial real estate and systems
Integration of third-party smart devices Integration of third-party smart devices
Paid user subscription Paid user subscription
Commercial access (courier, customer service) Commercial access (courier, customer service)
Integration with public service providers Integration with public service providers
Integration of utility payments Integration of utility payments

Conditions for

implementing DOMONAP

Our commercial goal is rapid implementation and maximum coverage. Our social mission is to provide modern opportunities where people are not willing to pay a lot of money for them. Our system is distributed on the most favorable terms for its users.

Is free
Developers Developers
Management company Management company
Service company Service company
Residents Residents
Urban service Urban service
Emergency services and special services Emergency services and special services

What the

government says

We implement goals and missions that are supported and developed at the highest level of public administration. Our system allows us to implement state digitalization programs, even in regions that are in a difficult economic situation.

Владимир Владимирович Путин
Vladimir Putin
I would like to repeat that the digital economy is not a separate industry.in fact, it is a way of life, a new basis for the development of the public administration system, the economy, business, the social sphere, and society as a whole. And of course, the formation of the digital economy is a matter of Russia's national security and independence, the competitiveness of domestic companies, and the country's position on the world stage for the long term, in fact for decades to come.
Николай Анатольевич Никифоров
Nikolai Nikiforov
The first areas where we believe these approaches should be applied should be healthcare, public administration and smart cities.
Сергей Семёнович Собянин
Sergei Sobyanin
For Moscow, the "smart city" technology is not a new-fangled phenomenon, it is a necessity for managing the city. Direct interaction with residents is probably one of the key areas in the implementation of the Smart city program in order to interact with the multi-million population in traditional forms. They are necessary, they must be there, but they are clearly not enough. It is impossible to solve many problems without information technology.



- Realised
- Requires investment
Техническое задание
Technical specification
Анализ рынка и спроса
Market and demand analysis
Офис и команда разработчиков
Office and development team
Функциональный прототип системы
Functional prototype of the system
Первые партнеры и договоренности
First partners and agreements
Расширение команды проекта
The extension of the project team
Разработка полной версии системы
Development of the full version of the system
Внедрение в тестовом регионе (<span class="roadmap-highlight">Владивосток</span>)
Implementation in the test region (The Vladivostok)
<span>Внедрение в ключевом регионе (<span class="roadmap-highlight">Москва</span>)
Implementation in a key region (Moscow< / span>)
Масштабирование проекта
The scale of the project
кнопка прокрутки вверх