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Managing organizations, homeowners ' associations, residential complexes, TSK and organizations of other forms of management of apartment buildings are our priority partners. Our product is primarily intended for residents of apartment buildings and their management organizations. Their ability to communicate effectively is the basis of our system.Our system is distributed absolutely free of charge for management companies. Unlike existing solutions on the market, we do not sell you equipment or its installation, and there are no monthly payments. The only thing that is required to implement DOMONAP in an apartment building or housing complex is a permit to install our equipment.


No financial burden – the product is distributed free of charge.
Easy to install and fast to implement. Simple installation of a small control module.
There is no need to replace existing locking equipment or break contracts with the companies that service them. Our system is installed in addition to the already installed intercom.
Providing residents with a new generation of digital opportunities.
State programs and trends in digitalization of urban spaces are being implemented.
Бесплатная CRM для коммуникации с жильцами.

The procedure of cooperation

Agreement conclusion
Installation of equipment in the hallways
Connection to system
Notification of residents
Connecting to CRM to interact with residents
Issuing electronic keys to employees of the management company


Hardware installation – free of charge
Connecting the management company to your personal account – for free
Electronic keys for employees – free of charge
Integration with the customer's existing it systems – optional
Development of additional functionality in the system - optional
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