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DOMONAP requires an Android developer with a strong knowledge of Java.

We are a fairly young team, we have been on the market for more than a year, and we are actively developing. We are developing our own product and at this stage we need a specialist who can finalize the existing Android app and integrate it with the API on .NETCore, develop and support the project.

Компании «DOMONAP» требуется Android разработчик с уверенным знанием Java.
Working conditions


  • Development experience of at least 2 years
  • Confident knowledge of Java/RX Java/Kotlin
  • A good level of OOP
  • Strong knowledge of the Android SDK (SQLite, Support Library, etc.)
  • Understanding the client-server application model
  • Confident knowledge of modern methods of building ui applications for Android
  • Strong knowledge of Android development technologies and methodologies
  • Experience working with the API and SDK of third-party services
  • Experience working with someone else's code is required
  • Experience publishing apps on Google Play
  • Knowledge and practical use of design templates
  • Базовые знания SQL
  • Знание принципов работы Rest API и HTTP
  • Опыт и желание писать тесты (unit и функциональные)
  • Опыт работы c Git


  • Read the documentation and source code of the project and present the results: a plan for necessary improvements, changes to the project, recommendations for the architecture, and bringing the domain model in line with the API
  • Document the project and cover the code with unit tests
  • Updating and implementing the app's functionality
  • Implementation of integration of the basic functionality of the mobile app and API
  • Testing and debugging bugs
  • Implementation of Push mailing via FireBase
  • Implementation of the system of internal purchases in the application
  • Implementation of WebRTC video stream translation

Working conditions:

  • Конкурентоспособную заработную плату, обсуждаемую с успешным кандидатом
  • Registration in accordance with the requirements of the labor code of the Russian Federation: paid holidays, sick leave, payment of wages twice a month, etc
  • Bright, convenient office within walking distance from Perovo metro station
  • Free dress code
  • Work on interesting, diverse projects
  • Ability to offer and implement your ideas
  • Available and open to discussions on the management of the company
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