In the process of using any system you might have questions. We try not only to make our applications as simple and intuitive as possible but also to provide our users with prompt support. In this section of the site you can find answers to the most common questions. If you don't find an answer to your question, just open the DOMONAP mobile app, open the "CHAT" section, and write your question to the support chat. Our operators will respond to you as soon as possible.


DOMONAP is a digital service that allows you to manage access to your entrance from anywhere in the world! Just download the mobile app, get an electronic key to your address or several addresses that belong to you, and start controlling access to the entrance and communal areas directly from the mobile app. But that's not all! DOMONAP will help you not only control access, but also chat with your neighbors, just get to know them, or make important decisions. You can send requests to the management company and get answers to your questions. We have created a unique ecosystem for you, where we have United residents, managers and service providers, city and district administrations. Our goal is a single application where every resident can solve all issues related to their place of residence. Invite guests, report equipment failures, or report an untidy entrance. Find out whose cat has escaped and is sitting at the entrance in the General chat of your entrance. Take a vote and make an important decision for the house. And all this is right in the palm of your hand. On the screen of your smartphone.


It's very simple. Download the DOMONAP app from the Apple or Android app store. Install the app on your smartphone - it's completely free. Go through a simple registration and immediately, from that moment, you will be able to receive invitation keys from other users, and most importantly, activate or send a request to get your own electronic key from your address.


We want every user to be able to appreciate our system and only then pay for the connection. We give each new user a two-month free trial period. And only after they have passed, the system will offer to pay for the connection. The connection fee is charged not for a specific user, but from the apartment. Connecting an apartment to the system is paid once and costs only 50 rubles.


Each user can simply download our app from the Apple or Android app store. After installing the app, you will need to pass a short registration in the system. After registering, you can immediately use the mobile app. You will have access to the functions of receiving invitation keys from other users, ordering your own key from the address of residence, or its immediate activation, provided for those users who received a special letter from us with a QR code to activate the key.


After registering in the system, you can use the function to get the key. Please take this procedure seriously, because we care about your safety. We can't just hand out keys to your entrance and we need to make sure that every user has the right to this key. Now there are the following procedures for confirming the address: Get an envelope with a special activation code from us or employees of the management company. Open the app on the main screen, click "get key" and select "activate key". Then follow the instructions inside the app; Ask a neighbor who lives in the same building as you and has already confirmed the address. It will be able to use the "Generate key" function in the mobile app. In this case, it will act as a guarantor for you, confirming that you really live at the specified address; Use the "Request a key" function. Find your home on the interactive map, enter the number of the entrance and apartment. We will send you an email with the key activation code by post. If you do not see your home on the map, enter the address manually, we will do everything to connect your address to the system as soon as possible.


Как только вы подтвердили свой адрес (или несколько адресов), вы сможете отправлять электронные ключи-приглашения своим гостям. Просто откройте приложение, выберите ключ от адреса куда хотите пригласить гостя и потяните ключ влево. Выберите кнопку “поделиться”. Укажите никнейм или телефон гостя, выставите настройки и отправьте ключ. Гость получит уведомление, что для него был создан ключ от вашего адреса.


You decide what the key will be sent to the guest. By default, you are prompted to create a permanent access key (valid for one year from the date of issue). In this case, the guest will be able to visit you at any time during the key's lifetime. You can disable this option and choose which dates, days, and times the key will work on. For example, you can create a key that will be valid on Mondays from March 01 to April 10 and only from 13: 00 to 15: 00


Our app has chats that are familiar to all of us – like WhatsAPP or Telegram. All chats are linked to your addresses. Be careful! You must have a confirmed address (key) to access the entrance chat. You can communicate with your neighbors in the General entrance chat or write to them personally. Go to the "Chat" menu, click the "add chat" button, select the desired address and enter its menu. There you can choose a General chat or a specific user you want to contact.


At each entrance connected to our system, we place a special sign containing the QR code and NFC chip. If your smartphone has NFC, just attach the phone to the label on the DOMONAP label. The app calculates the address of the entrance where you are located and provides you with a list of available apartments. Just click on the desired apartment in the list and the video call will start. The tenant will be able to accept it and open the door for you. If you don't have NFC, open the app and tap the QR code icon on the app's home screen. Point your camera at the QR code placed on the entrance and the app will open a list of apartments available for calling.


We do everything we can to improve the security of our users. Our system itself provides new features that allow users to get a completely new level of security. Note that our system is an add-on to existing access control systems. Our system is fully integrated with them and follows the established rules of security protocols. In the event of a threat, such as a fire alarm, our system opens the door and shuts down. Our system does not affect or interfere with other systems.


Our app provides additional features and comfort. We understand that there are situations when there is no Internet, the battery is dead, or you just forgot your phone at home. We would like to remind you that our system is installed in addition to existing access control systems – intercoms or electronic locks. You will always be able to use your old intercom, as it was before connecting the house to DOMONAP. This also applies to those residents who, for some reason, do not want to connect to our system. They will be able to use the old and already familiar equipment in normal mode.

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